John Boyega’s Star Wars 9 Script Found on eBay- Boyega Admits!

Wars 9

John Boyega is a famous star for “Star War: The Rise of Skywalker” clearly discovered that the copy of his script that he writes for the show has stolen and put for the sale on e-Bay. Rise of the Skywalker is a famous and previous sequel of the Star War.

Moreover, the director of the show J. J. Abrams and publishers are trying to stop from prevailing this spoiler.

A copy roaming on eBay

Moreover, it appeared that spoilers did nearly have out, and as already mentioned, a duplicate of the script was found on eBay. The error was created by a cast member whose name hasn’t been disclosed.

Walt Disney purchased the script and created bound to lock it up before anyone may make them infectious agents.

Taking responsibility

The cast has come out to require responsibility for the leak of the script. Boyega tweeted and admitted that he was accountable for the complete accident.

What Boyega the same was, “Let me tell you the way this all went down. What happened was, it absolutely was truly from my lodging. I used to be moving apartments, and that I left the script beneath my bed.

You may recognize what, and I’m planning to leave it below my bed. After I get up in the morning, I’ll take it so move. On the other hand, my boys came to visit, and that we started partying a little bit. So the script, it simply stayed there. so a couple of like weeks after, this cleaner comes in, finds the script, so puts on eBay for like £65. That the person didn’t understand truth price. And that I truly thought this was a good chance for the fans to scan the film before they see it. Perhaps I’m on to one thing. Do you recognize what I mean? ”

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In this, all the miracle is that the company gets the script back before it viral on media. The price demanded is very low that is just $85. And it did not cause any problem.

Situations could have gotten worse

If the script was bought by some outsiders, we tend to don’t need to mention what terrible harm it might have caused by revealing all the secrets of the film. Due to Disney, whoever kept a track available of leaked materials and purchased it on time before anyone gets a hold of it.

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