Israel Second Wave Forces Nationwide Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

Israel second wave forces nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus

The Israel second wave has reportedly forced the government to shut down schools, malls, hotels, dine-in eateries, and entertainment outlets. On Friday, September 11, they announced to have complete lockdown at least for three weeks. This time marks the Jewish High Holiday season. Although people want to indulge in festivities, it is also a time where maximum transmission of the coronavirus is possible.

Israel second wave forces reports

Israel is currently into its second lockdown. They saw a massive spike of the coronavirus infection in the past couple of weeks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported on Sunday, September 12, to confirm another lockdown.

The country has closed all the dine-in restaurants, hotels, malls, and entertainment outlets for the three weeks. All indoor gatherings have been limited to 10 people, while the outdoor groups can have 20 people. Residents need to stay within 500 meters of their homes, even if they step out.

The PM said that he acknowledges the fact that the lockdown will have an adverse effect. Also, this is not how people ever wish their holidays to be like. Moreover, people were not able to celebrate their time with their extended families.

The restrictions were essential for Israel as the country has reported more than 4,000 coronavirus cases in the second last week. During that time, health officials sent a report of 157,000 cases of COVID-19, with more than 1,100 deaths.

The restrictions will ease out once cases start declining. However, there is no update concerning official infection numbers.

Some people from the Prime Minister’s cabinet, like the minister of the economy, didn’t agree with the decision. He said that the result would have adverse effects on the economy that industries will not recover.

The Prime Minister has been dealing with trials over corruption allegation as the number of cases increased over summer. Many people criticized the government because of the outbreak. However, on Sunday, the decision of the PM defended his previous actions. He also said that the cases across the country are high, but the mortality rate is low. Further, he said that the economy of the company is better than other developed countries since the first lockdown.

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