How to Grab Traffic on Your Website?

It’s also a good idea to start thinking about how your company will start converting voice search into traffic, as 50% of traffic will be from voice search in 2020, according to Comscore.

Social media marketing tends to have the worst conversion rates, as it simply isn’t easy to get traffic exclusively through channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

When looking at these metrics, ask yourself which keywords are getting you the most traffic. Find out which keywords have a CTR of 5% or lower and start adding these keywords to your content and title tags. After you spend about a week doing this, request that Google re-crawls these pages to start seeing results. User metrics are the key to beating Google by writing how to, free, you, tips, tricks, why, and best are always a good idea to add to your title.

If you want to make the most out of Facebook, it’s in your best interest to capitalize on user metrics.

Focus on branding

Google CEO Eric Schmidt words, “the Brands are the solution, not the problem and it’s how you sort out the cesspool.”

Building a brand and awareness around your brand is the key to winning. For this, it’s important to remember the rule of seven. Essentially, when a potential customer sees your brand seven times, they’re more likely to interact with and use your business.


To ensure that a customer sees you seven times, enlist the help of emails, push notifications, and even chatbots.

What do Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common?

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They all had coaches and it’s always a good idea to find a mentor or a coach, as it’s in your best interest to learn from the pros. A coach doesn’t have to be a person or someone you pay to train you. Take advantage of unconventional methods, like blogs, podcasts, or YouTube videos to gain new insights and ideas.

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