How Can A Snow Sled Make This Winter The Best One Yet?

Snow Sled

Do you remember the overwhelming excitement of being a kid on a day when school was canceled for a snow day? If you were like most kids, the first thing that you did was take your sled to the nearest hill for a day full of excitement and fun.

Now that you are an adult, why not recapture some of the fun of childhood snow days with a snow sled made for grown-ups? A snow sled doesn’t cost much, but it could make this winter the best one yet.

Love The Ride, Don’t Dread The Hike

The worst part of snow sledding (other than when you ram into a tree of course), is the uphill battle to bring your sled to the top for another ride. Technology has advanced a good bit since your old wooden sled. An inflatable snow sled is so light that you’ll barely notice having to drag it up the hill but sturdy enough to provide a fast, fun ride back down. An extra benefit of an inflatable sled? It can absorb some of the impact when you steer poorly and find yourself heading straight for a tree.

Bring A Friend

Are you looking for a creative and spontaneous date idea or something fun to do with your best friends? An inflatable snow sled can hold one or two people for double the fun. Whether you’re close to the other person or not at the beginning, after a day of sledding and colliding into each other at the bottom, you’re sure to have formed a bond that will last.

Retro Pictures

What’s the point of having fun if you don’t share it with great photos? A retro-themed snow sled that looks like a classic snowmobile with a retro 1970s color theme is sure to make people look twice when you share the pictures of you laughing like a maniac while going down a hill. No one will even guess that you’re really on an inflatable sled unless they look closely.

What To Look For In The Perfect Inflatable Snow Sled

The last thing that you want is to purchase a snow sled only to find that it fails on your first trip down the hill. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a snow sled that will last all winter without costing too much.

  •     Durability. Choose a snow sled made of ultra-thick material, and make sure that the base is reinforced rubber. This way your sled will be able to handle a few bumps or clots of ice without popping and ruining the fun.
  •     Check weight limits. You want to be able to bring a  friend (or a date) sledding with you, so look for inflatable snow sleds that are tested up to at least 250 lb so that your snow sled won’t make you feel fat by popping on the way down.
  •     Handles are important. You don’t want to get on your snow sled and start down the hill only to find that you have nothing to hold on to. Make sure that handles are positioned where you can easily grab them.
  •     A sled that goes straight. No matter how carefully you position your sled at takeoff, it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t go in a straight line. Choose a sled with directional grooves for straight downhill rides.
  •     Tow rope included. Your sled may be super light, but why carry it back up the hill when you can tow It? Choose a sled with a tow rope included for convenient travel back uphill.

Buy Your Inflatable Snow Sled Today

Are you ready for the best winter you’ve had, at least since you were a kid looking forward to snow days? Buy your inflatable snow sled today and get ready for a winter of fun.

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