Home remedies for sun blister on lip

skin blister on lip

You might be very conscious of sunlight on skin and wear sunscreen, gloves, shade, and even a scarf around your head. What about your lips? Lips could easily dry out and are more susceptible to harsh sunburn. Lips, especially your lower lips, are vulnerable to chronic sun damage. It might lead to uneven textures, peeling of the skin, darkened lips, uneven spots, or even diseases. Do you know that your lower lip is 12 times more prone to develop skin cancer than your upper lip? So, what should you do about that sun blister on lip?

Sunburn symptoms other than blister on lip

The sun blister on lip is a common symptom of sunburn. However, other symptoms are reddened lips, inflammation, and tenderness to touch. Blisters on the lips are common in cold sores too. However, such blisters tend to itch, tingle, or burn. Blisters due to cold sores can get triggered by sunlight exposure, cold, or stress.


However, sun blister on lip is a fluid-filled white bump. Blisters are the signs of severe sun damage, which is usually preceded by redness, pain, and swelling.

Should you see a doctor for sun blister on lip?

In general, the sun blister on lip would fade away in five to seven days with a proper home remedy. However, if you experience rash, swollen tongue, or severe swelling in the lips, talk to a doctor. Also, if the blister is too severe that it affects talking, eating, or opening month, get medical attention immediately.

Home remedies for lip blisters

There are several creams and ointments for treating sunburn on lips. However, you should start with simple home remedies and preventive treatments.

Cold compression

Wash a plain and soft washcloth in cold water. Now, please use the cloth on your lips and let it cool down. You can also wet the cloth in ice. But, do not directly place the ice on your lips. It could damage your skin severely.

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Cold sores are best treated with ice packs and sucking ice chips. However, it is best to avoid those with sunburn. Chilling your lips is not the same as reducing the sunburn adversity. Remember that sun blisters are similar to second-degree burns and it needs constant attention to avoid infection or severe pain.

Aloe Vera gel


The gel inside aloe leaves is very effective in treating sunburn. You can directly apply the gel on your lips or crush it and make it a paste to coat your lips. Store those gels in water in your fridge for more immediate relief. Some might not get fresh aloe leaves and would resort to gel products in the drugstore. Remember that those gels are full of preservatives and would worsen the situation.

Moisturizers for sun blister on lips

Do not use your general moisturizer on your blistered lips. Most moisturizers have petroleum products in them. The petroleum product would seal the heat causing more damage. While applying moisturizer make sure not to lick the lips. Most moisturizers are not good for ingestion.

Thus, the best alternative is natural moisturizers. You can find most of these natural moisturizers in your kitchen like coconut oil, honey, olive oil, almond oil, yogurt, and more.

Fat-free milk to ease pain

If you are feeling pain, you can use fat-free skimmed milk. Dip a washcloth in the milk and place it on your lips. The milk proteins would cover the lip. It would reduce the nerve ending exposure caused by skin damage. Thus, you can experience immediate pain relief. Cold milk would give better relief.


Do you know that you should not use full-fat milk for soothing sunburn? The fat in the milk would insulate the region allowing heat to linger more. It is why butter is a great choice for dealing with chapped lips during winter.

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If you could get raw milk, it is better than pasteurized one for skin health. Raw milk has more enzymes beneficial for the skin. However, there is no proof for choosing raw milk over fat-free milk for sun blisters.

Home remedies for punctured blisters

You should take care not to puncture the blister. The blister fluid plays an essential role in the healing process. Popping the blister would reduce the healing speed and can cause a scar. Since the wound is now open to the air, you are more likely to have an infection. Blisters, when healed, would drain automatically.

So, what to do if your blister got punctured? You should choose to apply an antiseptic cream to it. Instead, you can try these home remedies. Top antiseptic products in your home are turmeric, aloe gel, limestone, and coconut oil. You ought to repeatedly apply it to the wound. Before reapplying, make sure to clean the wound with running water.

Lip bister and cancer

The frequency of cancer incidence is increasing due to a multitude of reasons. So, it is natural for you to have a cancer scare when you develop lip blisters. Remember that blisters on your lips could be due to several reasons. Apart from viral infections and sunburns, blisters could occur due to canker sores, blocked salivary glands, allergic reaction, trapped keratin, syphilis, and oral cancer.

However, the chances of a lip blister turning into cancer are very minimal. In the case of oral cancer, the blistered lip would have patchy pigmentation in the mouth lining. Some might have ulcers around the mouth. Most importantly, those blisters and ulcers do not heal completely.

Some believe that those in higher altitudes or in continents where it is almost always winter are less likely to get sun blisters on lips. The blisters or the sunburn occurs due to UV radiations. Higher altitudes are more prone to severe UV radiations than low lying regions.

Do not wait until you get a blister. Prevent it by wearing a shade cap, cover your lips with moisturizer, and always apply coconut oil or aloe gel around your lips after a long day under the sun.

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