Google is Making Server Boards using AMD Epyc server CPUs

Google was once an exclusive partner of Intel’s early server chip launches, but it’s now speculated to be considering a swich to AMD’s Epyc server platform, according to Lynx Equity Research.

An analyst KC Rajkumar at Benzinga said that Google has been growing increasingly dissatisfied with Intel Corp’s server CPUs. The Google’s Project Zero security team, is among the first group of researchers to discover the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws.

The engineers at Google have had issues with Intel Corp’s Management Engine (ME), and a computer subsystem in Intel CPU chipsets, and they started disabling it for some of their servers. Most of the privacy activists have also warned for years to Google that Intel’s ME could effectively be used as backdoor, by the malicious parties. Over the past few years, Intel corp’s ME has also been found to have a bunch of vulnerabilities.

Google Inc was among the first companies, in order to disable the Intel’s Hyper-Threading (HT) technology on its Chromebooks, after the MDS flaws were uncovered.

Google is making its own server boards by using AMD Epyc server CPUs,  noted by the Lynx Equity Research’s report that which would be a drastic change from Google’s almost exclusive use of Intel server CPUs, and it recently started using AMD GPUs for its Stadia game streaming service.

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