Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes for Toxic Work Culture in the Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes for Toxic Work Culture in the Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres apologizes right at the beginning of season 18 at her show. Crew members complained about the show’s toxic work culture and gave insights into what happens behind the scenes. The show also went low on ratings as several people came out to agree on sexual harassment, bad behavior, and more.

Ellen DeGeneres apologizes at the beginning of season 18

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Before the first episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show season 18, the host spoke right into the camera to apologize. She started on a slapstick note and got criticized because many said it didn’t look like an apology. Here is the video of what she said:

Ellen, with her never backing down attitude, started with a stingy tone. She told the viewers that if people were watching the video because they love them, then “thank you.” But if they were watching it because they hate her, then “welcome.

The host quickly moved onto, asking how everyone’s summers went. She also said she had a super terrific summer, but it might have been a sarcastic statement given the situation around the show. The camera then showed her virtual audience as she said she is happy to back in the show, but it is illegal to have the audience come in physically right now.

Ellen went onto say that she wants to address a lot of things directly. She spoke about the toxic work culture and the fact that things have been happening that never should have happened. The host apologized for all those affected and said that she is in a place of power and privilege, but she needs to take responsibility for the same. According to Ellen, the beginning of season 18 marks a new start to get things in order.

Struggles of being the “Be Kind Lady”

Ellen addressed the social media allegations where people said that she isn’t really who she appears on TV. Many of them used her term “be kind” to slam her. Ellen said that she came into being known as the “be kind lady” when she started saying be kind. It all began when a man named Tyler Clementi killed himself because he was bullied for being gay.

Ellen said that if other people aim to “be kind,” they should rethink. She said that it brings a lot of pressure, and often people don’t understand that she is also human. She can have emotions of anger, frustration, and other feelings that people go through. The host admitted to being an impatient lady and that she is working towards not being so

To justify her statement, she said that no one could fool audiences 17 years if she really isn’t what she shows. She also said that as an actress she pretended to be a straight woman in many of her characters. But even though she has acted well, she cannot fool people for so long on a reality show.

Finally, Ellen said that she would continue to do what she loves the most – spread happiness with her show. She said that she has 270 people working under her right now, and she appreciates their support and hopes they are proud to be with the show. They are the people who make the show successful, and their happiness matters.

Ellen also spoke about social issues like Black Lives Matter, raging fires leaving people homeless, and a pandemic that has forced people to lose jobs and loved ones. She said if an hour of happiness is what she can still give people, she will continue to do so.

Putting things straight for the show

Currently, Warner Brothers confirmed that The Ellen Show has “parted ways” with co-executive producer Jonathan Norman, and Kevin Leman and Ed Glavin, their executive producers. Multiply employees took their names and accused them of sexual harassment. Although there is still criticism towards the show, it will hopefully get better with the coming days.

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