Eiffel Tower to Reopen on June 25 Since Coronavirus Lockdown

Eiffel Tower to reopen on June 25 since coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic had halted several places of interest. But slowly, things are getting back as lockdown eases. The Eiffel Tower is all set to reopen on June 25 as announced by the tower management team. This was the longest closure of the Eiffel Tower since World War II.

Safety measures for Eiffel Tower reopening

Like most other places of interest, the reopening of the tower will come with certain safety protocols. The number of visitors will be limited and they will have to wear face masks. Children below 10 years will not be allowed. Visitors must be at least 11 years old to visit the tower as of now.

In order to maintain social distancing, the elevators will not function as of now. People have to climb up the stairs. Visitors are allowed to ascend from East Pillar and descend to the West Pillar. This will ensure a systemic movement and proper queueing following safety measures.

There will be a limited number of people on each floor. The lifts that take visitors from the second floor to the top floor are small. Thus, the top level of the tower will remain closed. However, according to the number of cases, the tower might open during summer.

The online ticketing office is still not functioning but will announce soon about reoperations. It is expected to reopen soon so that visitors can book their visits right away.

Around seven million people visit the famous Eiffel Tower every year. Even though it is closed, it still remains to be one of the most iconic landmarks. Protesters who came in support for George Floyd gather near the site last weekend. Plenty of people came together for the Black Lives Matter movement and demanded justice for George Floyd.

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