Digital Marketing Trends That You Should Follow in 2020

Digital Marketing

Online business is the key to success in the world of technology. Every business has its online appearance on websites or social media platforms or in form of mobile apps. Those businesses are not in competitions anymore which are not selling their products online. So, it is very important in 2020 to have your online store to stay in competition.

The success of online business depends on various factors and digital marketing is one of them. There are various techniques to promote a product online to get more leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing Services (SMM), Google Adwords and a lot more techniques are used by the businesses.

But in this article, we will discuss a few digital marketing trends that you should follow in 2020 as these trends will provide much better results.

Live Video

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According to a latest survey, people spend more time on watching a live video as compared to a pre-recorded video. If you are educating people about your product or service in a live video session then it is expected that people will watch that video for a longer time as the live video sessions get 3 times more watch time as compared to a video that is pre-recorded.

It is also a fact that videos are the best way to promote a product or a service, so if you go live you will get a lot better response.

Customer Retention, Loyalty

Getting new customers is not an easy thing to do when market is saturated and competition is strong. But keeping your existing customers with you is quite an easy task. You just need to provide your best product and after sale services to get the new orders from repeated customers.

According to various studies one need to spend 5 times extra budget on getting new customers as compared to keeping the existing customers. So, keep focusing on your existing customers as a happy customer is a free brand ambassador and an influence.

Introducing the loyalty programs for your loyal customers is also a great way to promote your business by using your existing customers. When you provide coupons or special discounts for the old customers it is expected that they will buy new things, or at least they can refer more people from their friends and family.

More Users on Mobile Application

According to Statista, there are about 3.2 billion Smartphone users in the world in 2020. So, it is a great way to have your mobile application installed on their Smartphone. The more installations you have, the more customers you can reach with a single click.

There are different ways to encourage people to install your mobile application. In fact, you can offer 1% or even more discount on orders made from mobile app. Or you can offer special coupons that can only be used on the mobile applications.

In this way, more people will download and install your mobile application. With that you also need to know these 5 tips for successful mobile application that can increase sales.

These were only a few trends that should be followed in 2020. You can still need a strong search engine optimization and a huge social media presence to get your business on top of digital marketing specialist training.

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