Designing A Website to Enhance the Customer’s Experience

For many businesses, their website is one of the most important resources that they have. Often, it’s the first way that people learn about and interact with your organization. For this reason, you want to make sure that your site is designed to meet the customer’s expectations, ensuring that they enjoy the experience. Thankfully, there are multiple ways that you can do this successfully.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Navigate

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One of the most important things that customers want is to find information easily.  You should keep this in mind when creating your site. For example, you might want to group all your products together, based on their categories. Alternatively, you should consider adding a search function, so the customer can see results based on certain key terms.

Reduce Loading Times

Another common annoyance for customers is waiting for pages to load. If your site is too slow, it will create a very irritating experience for the user, making them upset. To reduce loading times, there are a few things that you might want to consider. The web design team at Lilo told us that occasionally you will need to use the latest web technologies, which have been designed to deliver maximum speed. Also, you can try reducing the number of high-resolution images that you use. While these look amazing, they often take a long time to load properly.  The optimum loading time is less than eight seconds, as this is the average attention span of most users.

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Avoid Pop-Up Offers

As we discussed, you have just eight seconds to make a positive impact on the customers who are using your site. This can be very difficult to do if the first thing they see is a pop-up advertisement. In most cases, the customer will click out of these and return to the content that they came to see. However, if the customer spends a long time browsing your content, it shows that they are interested in what you are selling. In this case, you can consider a pop-up, just make sure that it’s easy for your customers to dismiss if they aren’t interested in that offer.

Make Sure That Your Website Is Compatible With Mobile Formats

Another important aspect to consider is how users will access your site. For this reason, you should make sure that it works will all major mobile formats. This may mean making some changes to the way that your site is designed. For example, when looking at a smaller mobile phone screen, it might be hard to see some words or photos.

 Use Data To Make Site Improvements

Finally, you should be collecting data on how the users are interacting with your site. This can tell you some of the potential problem areas that you might want to fix. For example, you might notice that they are spending a long time in the checkout before leaving without making a purchase. This can be an indication that this area is confusing people. You might also want to monitor the number of people that each page attracts. This can tell you what type of content people are interested in. Once you know this, you will be able to create more content like it. By doing this, customers will always want to return to your site, helping you increase the number of sales that you receive.

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For many businesses, their website is the best place to interact with customers. Each year, more people are willing to shop online, increasing the importance of having a successful website. To help you do this, we looked at some of the best techniques you can use to make sure that people enjoy using your website. So, use some of these ideas to make sure that your website provides a great experience.

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