CBD for pets: 5 secrets you need to know

CBD for pets

If you’ve been wondering if CBD for pets is right for you and your furry friend, we looked into the benefits and risks of using these remarkable new products and listed some lesser-known thoughts on how and why this might be right for you. CBD and hemp oils have a lot of health benefits for pets, together with higher joint, digestive, cardiovascular, and psychological health.

These oils are natural, safe, and simple to administer as most will be combined with common dog meals and typically water too. Research shows that the endocannabinoid system exists in all vertebrates, and pets are no exception. Dogs and cats share almost seventy percent of their essential biology with humans, and studies from the past decade show cannabinoids bind to receptors within dogs in similar ways as they do with people.


If you’ve wondered whether to begin to look into giving your furry companion CBD oil, we will answer some of your questions about the lesser-known benefits of CBD for pets. Read ahead to learn more about CBD for pets: 5 secrets you need to know.


  1. CBD oil is a product derived from cannabis. It is not a sedative that masks the underlying health issues by merely temporarily hiding your pet’s symptoms. Instead, cannabiniol triggers the immune system in ways that improve, and possibly reverse non-normal functioning.


  1. While a veterinarian should be open to discussing general CBD use with their clients if they ask, a veterinarian must state that at this time, there is no scientific data on the use or dosage for CBD for pets, only anecdotal. There are no current studies on the dosage of the CBD to properly and effectively dose a six-pound chihuahua or a one hundred and fifty-pound mastiff, so talking with your veterinarian about your pet before you administer and CBD is probably a good idea. You do not have to do any math as most of the per CBD products available out there have dosage instructions written on them.

Some brands promote the same product in different concentrations, so you should definitely check dosage recommendations. Tinctures and topicals are the best choice for pets on different medicines already. Nonetheless, drug interactions might not pose an excessive amount of a problem if the CBD dosage is not very high.


  1. CBD oil has proved to be extremely effective in relieving stress. Since it has soothing and calming effects, it relieves anxiety. CBD reduces anxiety in healthy people, as well as those who are suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders. Pets can undergo behavioral and situational anxiety. In fact, in most cases, the pets suffer from situation anxiety, especially when fireworks are involved or during thunderstorms. Whenever you see any behavioral anxiety (aggression or separation anxiety, etc.) in your pet, you must seek professional help as CBD for pet’s treatment alone may not work in such cases.


  1. Seizures are common symptoms of conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain, and nervous system. If your pet is suffering from a seizure, it is hard to see. Do you know that approximately 5% of dogs suffer from some sort of seizure? If your dog suffers from a regular seizure, then the reason can be epilepsy. Seizures can be treated using over the counter drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide etc. But they can be harmful to the liver and other organs of your pet. Besides, they do not work on all pets.

CBD may alleviate seizures in humans and work great in controlling epileptic episodes. It has been shown to work great, even in patients who were resistant to normal medication. According to some studies, CBD oil helps to manage seizures. Studies have shown that it works on CBI receptors in a dog’s body to improve seizure control.


  1. If your dog is not eating well, then you need to contact a veterinary doctor as soon as possible to find out the underlying cause. CBD oil speed’s up the metabolism of the dogs and causes them to be hungry more often. Find out the underlying cause of the low appetite of your pet and then determine a dosage of CBD that is more fitting to your pooch’s needs. The national cancer institute acknowledges that CBD can improve appetite in patients. According to the studies, CBD helps reducing vomiting and nausea even as a result of side effects caused by the other drugs.

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