Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bringing new mode, 1v1 and 3v3 in the future

Call of Duty

Call of modern duty warfare has different modes in which Gunfight mode is essentially the most. It is called 2v2 mode where players on a small map get the random gun.

The objective of the mode kills the enemy team before the end. However, if the time is up, then you need to capture the flag that will spawn in the middle of the map.

However, this mode is tense and will test your skills and improve teamwork. Some players are so happy with this mode because it is a simple one in the call of duty.

It will give a better future to players and complete the mission as a team.

Co-design director revealed this news at Modern Warfare Developer Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot. Fans ask asked on twitter, ” Please add 3v3 gunfight mode.” on this Cecot responded that this was a part of the plan, 1v1 was also coming but that intense experience.

Well, any date and time are not revealed yet. However, it is expecting that maybe we will get in 2020. Now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has major updates have released on 3rd December. It is also the beginning of the first season.

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