Apple Hit By Class-Action Over listening to the Siri Responses Since 2011

Apple Inc had contractors that are listening to and grading the Siri responses, according to a report last month revealed, that which in turn meant that those contractors also have heard the private conversations from the users. Apple has been hit with its first class action over this practice.

That lawsuit, first spotted by the Kif Lewsing, was filed in the federal court in Northern California. The plaintiffs have also accuse Apple of the unlawful and intentional recording of individuals’ with the confidential communications without their consent. That lawsuit mainly alleges that Apple Inc. has violated the California’s Invasion of Privacy Act, the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the Unfair Competition Law, and the Declaratory Judgment Act.

The plaintiffs also allege that Apple Inc.’s terms and conditions made no any reference to the fact that their recordings, would be saved, and listened by the Apple employees. They further says that anyone who has owned an Apple device, having Siri since 2011, is being affected by this lawsuit.

Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook also accused its rival platforms in 2018, of conducting surveillance and commented that not everyone sees it, in that way, he also has a desire to put the profits over the privacy is nothing new.

In the law-suit, the plaintiffs are trying to seek unspecified damages, and they required from Apple to delete the Siri recordings.

From the Guardian report of last month’s, explained that Apple contractors are actually responsible for grading Siri responses regularly and heard the confidential medical information, the recordings of couples having sex and drug deals.

Apple issued a new statement in last week, on this situation and said that it was also going into a thorough internal review, related to Siri grading practices, and also suspending the program during review. The company says that the users will be given option to opt-out the Siri, once Siri grading is reinstated.

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