5 Indisputable Reasons To Get a Mixed Breed Dog

Breed Dog

Yes, breeds are all the rage, but did you know that getting a mixed breed dog can cost you a lot less than a purebred dog, not to mention that they aren’t in any way inferior to them? Of course, each breed has a unique trait that makes people fall in love with it, but a mutt (as mutt owners proudly like to say) gives you plenty of reasons to fall in love with it too. 

Our Top Reasons for Getting a Mutt

If you’re still indecisive, here are some of the top reasons for getting a mutt.   

Save a Life 

Even though you can buy a mixed breed dog, there are plenty of abandoned ones in shelters. From newborn puppies to elderly dogs, many loving animals are waiting for their new family. Today, there are a lot of no-kill shelters, but in the majority of them, dogs are still being put down. If you get a cross-breed dog from a shelter, you are most likely saving a life. 

They Live Healthier Lives

Mix breed dogs are usually healthier than purebred ones. This is because they are less likely to develop genetic problems due to inbreeding. Also, they will have less intelligence and temperament issues. Mutts still require care, training, and may even develop health problems over time, but they have a smaller chance of having a genetic defect. 

They Are Less Expensive Initially and Over Time

Buying a purebred dog is usually very expensive unless you save it from the pound. Additionally, the genetic health issues they may have can reflect on your medical bill. Most purebred dogs also require specific food and care. So do the math – a mutt is less expensive, but gives the same amount of love. 

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You’ll Get a Pleasant Surprise

If you get a mixed breed puppy, there’s no way of knowing how they’ll look like when they grow up. With most mixed breed dogs, you don’t always know how their parents look like, so you can expect a pleasant surprise. By measuring the paws, you get an idea of their size, more or less, which is a good idea if you live in an apartment with limited space. Either way, it’s always fun to see them grow and change. 

No matter how things turn out, they’ll already be a part of your family, and you will love how different they are from the rest. 

Let Nature Take Its Course

Humans have bred dogs for thousands of years, choosing and inbreeding them to fit peoples’ needs and desires. From creating work dogs for herding and protection to making them more physically attractive, they’ve interfered with nature to such an extent that the breeds have changed entirely from what they initially looked like. 

All in all, it’s difficult for purebred dogs who are bred for a specific job to be family dogs at the same time. Mixed breed dogs can easily take on any role, and their instincts are more natural. This makes them an ideal choice for any family. 

We know purebred dogs are lovely and highly sought after, but think about how you can save a life. With over 730,000 pets euthanized in 2019 as per animal shelter statistics, take this unique opportunity to find a lifelong friend and save a life by choosing a mixed breed dog.

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