100% Bamboo Toilet Paper: Make the Switch

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There are many reasons to switch to bamboo toilet paper, and all are beneficial. Bamboo toilet paper is an easy switch to make at home or at the workplace and behaves better than toilet paper made from trees.  Americans use about 37,000 rolls of toilet paper daily, and the trees they use are affecting the environment. Bamboo toilet paper is affordable, soft and has some surprising health benefits. It is much better for the environment and can help to reduce our ecological footprint.


Bamboo is the most sustainable option for single use toilet paper. 100% Bamboo toilet toilet paper is a commercially eco-viable solution because it grows much faster than trees and creates less impact on the surrounding area. As well as being more sustainable than trees bamboo can help to filter dangerous carbon dioxide out of the air. Bamboo filters carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen than trees. Buying bamboo toilet paper is also helpful to air quality and climate change.


Bamboo is better for human health as well as environmental health. Bamboo antimicrobial, which is a special quietly that can also be found in silver and Merino wool. This property fights dangerous bacteria and fungus. This would be a logical solution to trade for wood, which does not have antimicrobial properties. Anti-microbial also helps to illuminate and prevent smelly odors. Bamboo can also be made into clothing and its antimicrobial properties keep clothes fresher longer. Bamboo is naturally more tear resistant than wood which means products can be used for longer.


The switch from wood toilet paper to bamboo toilet paper is simple. There are many existing bamboo toilet paper brands out there and they often offer more than just toilet paper. Many brands offer face tissue, paper towels and even toothbrushes. If you want to go green and stay with one use toilet paper consider switching. Many of these brands offer delivery services which can save you a trip to the store. Opt to have your bamboo products delivered weekly, bi months or daily to save you any hassle and help the environment. Bamboo is soft and tear resistant, bamboo toilet paper mimics the quiet of normal toilet paper but takes it a step beyond by performing better than timber products.


Switching to bamboo toilet paper is not only an easy change but a fantastic upgrade. The quality of bamboo toilet paper is high and the material is very soft. Bamboo in its raw form is strong enough and can compare the strength of steel, but after soaking broken down bamboo in an environmentally safe solution and processing it, bamboo transforms into a super soft fiber which is then pressed into toilet paper. This soft fiber can also be made into towels and clothing.

Saving trees

Supporting the bamboo toilet paper industry by making a small switch at home, it is encouraging the growth of bamboo and discourage deforestation. Using timber depended products encourages deforestation of old growth forests that home animals and habitats. The usual trees cut down for toilet paper are Maple and Oak trees, which can take up to 30 years to reach maturity. Bamboo grows about 2 inches per day which means it can reach 90 feet in 5 years. Since bamboo plants are technically grass and not trees they can be harvested by simply cutting at the base, the roots stay alive and the plant can regenerate and grow again. Bamboo also does not require any fertilizer and does not reply to pesticides when being farmed, making many products organic.

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