Ration Card Status Bihar: How to Check?

Ration Card Status Bihar

Do you want to apply for a ration card or check your ration card Bihar status? The ration card is one of the most important official documents in India, especially in the rural region. If you are eligible for a ration card and haven’t applied for it yet, you should do it right away.

Here is a comprehensive guide to applying for a ration card in Bihar and checking its status

What Is a Ration Card?

A ration card is an official document issued to citizens of India by their respective state governments. Ration cardholders are eligible for buying food grains at subsidized prices from the Public Distribution System. It’s an initiative under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), ensuring access to all citizens in India.

Ration Card Status Bihar
Ration Card Status Bihar

Apart from being a tool to get subsidized grains, ration cards act as a common identification document for many Indian households.

Types of Ration Cards and Their Benefits

Ration cards in India fall under two categories: ration cards under NFSA and ration cards under TPDS. Let’s first discuss ration cards under NFSA, followed by TPDS.

NFSA is the new governing body for ration cards. Before NFSA, state governments gave ration cards under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). States that haven’t yet implemented NFSA use TPDS.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

This ration card is for families identified as “impoverished” by the state governments. It’s for families that don’t have a stable income. Hence, it’s ideal for unemployed individuals, women, and elders. People with this card can get 35 kg food grains per month per family at a price of Rs. 3/kg for rice, Rs. 2/kg for wheat, and Rs. 1/kg for coarse grains.

Priority Household (PHH)

All cardholders under NFSA who don’t come under AAY are included in PHH. These individuals receive 5 kg food grains per month per person at the same price for AAY cardholders.

Let’s now look at ration cards under TPDS.

Below Poverty Line (BPL)

Families living below the poverty line are eligible for a BPL card. These families can get 10-20 kg food grains per month at a 50% rate of the economical price. The price of rice, wheat, and coarse grain vary from state to state and government to government.

Above Poverty Line (APL)

Families living above the poverty line (as per the state government) are eligible for the APL card. These families can get 10-20 kg food grains per month at the economic cost set by the state government.

Annapoorna Yojna (AY)

Individuals over 65 years of age classified as “poor” by the state government are eligible for an AY card. People with this card can get 10 kg of food grain each month at a price set by the state government.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

The eligibility criteria for a ration card vary from state to state, so be sure to check the local requirements. However, there are certain requirements that are constant across the country. Here are some conditions you need to fulfill:

  • A citizen of India
  • No other person has applied for a ration card on your behalf
  • No other member in your family

That said, the following documents are required if you want to apply for a ration card.

  • Ration card application form
  • Identity proof, including Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar
  • Residence proof, including electricity bill, rental agreement, bank passbook, LPG receipt, etc.
  • Annual income proof
  • Surrendered or canceled ration card if any
  • Passport-size photo of the head of the family

How to Apply for a Ration Card?

Having discussed the types of ration cards and who can benefit from them, let’s look at the process of applying for a ration card.

Ration Card Status Bihar
Ration Card Status Bihar

There are two ways to apply for a ration card: offline and online. Earlier, the process was offline only, but the government has now introduced an online application as well.

Offline Process

To apply for a ration card physically, visit the official website of the Food and Consumer Protection Department, Bihar: http://sfc.bihar.gov.in/. Find the download option on the website and click on it to download the application form for the new ration card. Now, print that form.

The next step is to fill the form. Always use the correct details. You’ll also need to attach a few documents as asked in the form. Attach everything together and visit the concerned department to submit the form physically.

Online Process

The government of all states allows you to apply for a ration card online. Visit the Government of Bihar’s official ration card application website and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, create an account first.

Once you’re in, find the option for Food and Distribution System in the Services section. A fillable form will appear. Fill the form and attach all the documents in the PDF form. After attaching all the documents and filling all the fields, submit your application.

You’ll get an e-coupon on filling the ration card application. Print that coupon and keep it with you for future references.

How to Check Ration Card Status Bihar?

Finally, let’s discuss how you can check ration card status Bihar. There are both online and in-person ways to check the status of your ration card.

Let’s talk about the offline process first. If you submitted your ration card application offline, you can go to the department and get an update from them regarding your ration card. Otherwise, you can check the status online.

To check ration card status Bihar online, visit the official website discussed earlier. Head to the e-services section of the website, and you’ll find an option to check the status of your ration card application.

Conclusion: Ration Card Status Bihar

A ration card is a crucial document for Indian citizens who are below the poverty line and want to receive grains at a subsidized price. Each state has a different portal of ration card applications. If you’re from another state, visit your state government’s NFSA or TDPS website to learn about the process.

So, have you applied for a ration card?

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