How Long Does Latisse Take to Work?

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work

Every person wants to look their best, especially when they are in public, as physical appearance greatly affects your personality and self-esteem. Most people have facial features that give them impeccable beauty. Some people are not so fortunate as one or more of their facial features negatively affect their overall appearance.

If eyelashes are the reason why people can’t look as good as they want to or as good as they could, then medical science has brought a solution for it. In fact, this solution is not new as probably thousands of people might already be using it. This solution (both metaphorically and literally) is known as ‘Latisse’.

Before we find out ‘how long does Latisse take to work’, let us learn more about what Latisse is and what its use is. Latisse is a proven treatment to increase the length, thickness (fullness), and darkness of eyelashes. It is available in the form of a liquid solution. Latisse is the only FDA-approved medication for this purpose as of now. As you must be aware, FDA stands for ‘The Food and Drug Administration’, a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services in the USA.

In What Ways is Latisse Helpful?

Latisse is a prescription medication used to treat sparse eyelashes, a problem encountered by many people across the globe. The term ‘Sparse Eyelashes’ means eyelashes that are less long, less thick, or less dark than usual. The reason behind this problem may vary from person to person, just like the answer to the question, ‘how long does Latisse take to work’ may vary from person to person.

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work
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Sparse eyelashes could be a condition experienced by some people since their birth. In the case of other people, this condition could occur because of the side effects caused by medications. Some underlying health conditions can also lead to sparse eyelashes.

A condition known as ‘Eyelash hypotrichosis’ also causes sparse eyelashes as it inhibits the growth of the lashes. Irrespective of the reason behind the inadequate growth of eyelashes, Latisse can help stimulate the growth of eyelashes effectively.

How Latisse Came into Existence?

Latisse is a liquid solution that contains an active ingredient called ‘Bimatoprost’. This ingredient was used in brand medicine Lumigan, a prescription eye drops used to treat patients with Glaucoma. Over the period of years, eye specialists observed that the patients who have used Lumigan have longer and fuller eyelashes than before.

As a result, the brand medicine Latisse came into existence as professionals in the medical field believed that this liquid solution could become a highly potent treatment option for people with sparse eyelashes. In 2008, the FDA approved Latisse for use as a medication for eyelash growth. Let’s find out if Latisse really works and ‘how long does Latisse take to work’.

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Does Latisse Really Work? How Long Does It Take to Work?

Latisse is scientifically proven to make your eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker. Many studies have proved this fact by studying the results of this liquid solution on patients with sparse eyelashes. The majority of patients have noticed a 25% increase in the length of their eyelashes, a 106% growth in the thickness or fullness of eyelashes, and an 18% increase in the darkness of their eyelashes after completing a 16-week treatment plan.

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work
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A simple answer to the question, ‘how long does Latisse take to work’ is that you won’t be able to get instant or immediate results. The eyelashes start to thicken only after two months of application. After three to four months (approximately 16 weeks), more noticeable results will appear in the thickness of your eyelashes.

Once noticeable results occur, your doctor might advise you to reduce the frequency of the application. Continuing to use the medication even after you have achieved the desired results is necessary to maintain those results.

So, now your eyelashes will grow, but they will maintain the extra length, fullness, and color. If you stop applying Latisse once you get fuller eyelashes, the effects might be reversed. In other words, your eyelashes might return to their original length, fullness, and color.

How to Apply Latisse? How Often Should It be Applied?

Along with learning ‘how long does Latisse take to work’, it’s also important to learn how to use Latisse. You need to apply Latisse to the base of your upper eyelids with the help of the sterile applicator brushes provided with the medication. You can use Latisse in the comfort of their home.

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work
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Before applying Latisse to your eyelids, you should wash your hands, eyes, and face. Make sure that the applicator brush is clean while applying the Latisse. Do not use unclean applicator brushes to apply Latisse to your eyelids. The whole process takes only a few minutes. If you get confused, you can refer to the instructions printed on the packaging of the Latisse liquid solution.

Use a separate applicator for each eyelid, and dispose of the applicator brushes immediately after one use. You should not use anything else other than the sterile applicator brushes to use Latisse. You should also not apply Latisse on your lower eyelids as it can lead to side effects.

You should apply Latisse once daily in the morning, evening, or night. Only one drop of the Latisse liquid solution is recommended for every use. You should not use more than the recommended usage as it won’t lead to better or faster results.

Don’t apply the solution more than once to expedite the results. If you forget to apply the Latisse, do not apply double dosage the next day. If you think you can change the answer to ‘how long does Latisse take to work’ by changing the dosage frequency or amount, you are wrong.

What are the Side Effects of Latisse Liquid Solution?

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work
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There are some side-effects of Latisse liquid solution. A few common side-effects are redness of the eyes, itching in the eyes, dry eyes, and skin darkening. But these side effects rarely occur, so you should not worry about them.

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However, you should practice safety while using Latisse to avoid the risk of side effects and eye infections. It’s important to ensure that this liquid solution does not get into the eyes. You can apply Latisse to your eyelid by keeping the eye closed in front of the mirror. After applying, wait for some seconds, and then remove any excess solution so that it does not fall into your eye.

Should You Use Mascara When Using Latisse?

Just like ‘how long does Latisse take to work?’, ‘should you use mascara when using Latisse’ is also an important question. You can absolutely use mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye cream and all other eye makeup products even when you are applying Latisse. The key is to maintain an appropriate time gap between the application of Latisse and the application of cosmetics.

If you are applying Latisse in the morning or in the evening when you also have to apply makeup products to your eyes, you should apply Latisse first. Then, wait for at least 15 minutes so that the solution gets absorbed by the skin. Now, you can apply all your favorite cosmetic products.

However, if you are applying Latisse to your eyelids at night, you should remove all your makeup before applying this liquid solution. You can use professional makeup removal products or homemade makeup removal products. Clean your face and apply the solution.

Where to Buy Latisse From? How to Store It?

How Long Does Latisse Take to Work
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You cannot buy Latisse over the counter in the USA because it’s a prescription medication. A major reason behind this is that a product that contains bimatoprost as an active ingredient cannot be sold over the counter. You will need to show a prescription at the pharmacy in order to buy the Latisse liquid solution.

Storing Latisse properly is essential to maintain its effectiveness so that you don’t keep wondering, ‘how long does Latisse take to work?’. The Latisse liquid solution and the sterile applicators need to be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture, and humidity. You should store the medication at room temperature. Keep the applicators inside the packaging until the time you need to use them.

Can Patients with Existing Eye Conditions Use Latisse?

The Latisse liquid solution used to treat sparse eyelashes is completely safe and effective for all patients except those who are suffering from eye conditions. Latisse might not be a suitable treatment option for such patients. Those who have eye conditions like glaucoma and/or ocular hypertension should stay extra careful.

But it does not mean that patients with existing eye conditions cannot receive the treatment for their problem of sparse eyelashes. They can disclose their present conditions to their doctor to get the best possible advice. If patients suffer from conjunctivitis or uveitis on a frequent basis, they should disclose that too. Although Latisse is not directly linked to these conditions, incorrect application of this medication can aggravate these conditions.

Final Words

You should discuss your issues and expectations with your doctor before beginning to apply the Latisse liquid solution to your eyelids. Longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes can lead to a significant boost in your beauty appeal and confidence.

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