How eLearning has revolutionized the education sector

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As recently as ten years ago, online learning was considered to be a very niche subset of the education sector. The global events of the last eighteen months have completely altered this view as suddenly all students around the world needed to transition to eLearning. Let’s see how eLearning has revolutionized the education sector.

Now online education is being discussed as the next big tool for increasing educational attainment. eLearning helps to break down barriers, provides an equitable educational experience, and supports students from a variety of demographics. Online learning and digital education will likely stick around and become cornerstones of education.

New eLearning technology and innovation

There are now more eLearning tools than ever to help students of any age learn online. Whether through video sharing platforms like Zoom and Skype or eLearning platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Ruzuku, and Educadium, eLearning tech is making it easier for students to learn online.

Looking forward, education technology will continue to improve and innovate. It is likely that we will start to see increased use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, or VR and AR, in schools to help children visualize what they are learning. There will likely also be more opportunities to encourage students and help their learning come to life through interactive storytelling and gamification. Finally, eLearning also allows for an increase of personalization and flexibility when it comes to education plans.

Increased accessibility and accommodation

Learning online has also broken down many barriers that previously kept people away from continuing education. Many people, especially mature and returning students, have specific time constraints. This is particularly true for those who are working or raising children while studying. Online education allows students to complete the modules and coursework how and when it suits them best.

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Wilkes University offers a range of online courses which are ideal for mature and returning students who value a flexible program. The Wilkes University accreditation courses include a range of different healthcare courses such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, and more. The University also provides students with a high degree of support and prospective students can even have meetings with admissions officers to learn more about the school, the courses available, and the application process.

The next step for ensuring equitable access to education is ensuring that all students participating in online learning have access to the required technology and are supported by digital infrastructure. As the digital world becomes increasingly important, access to technology and the internet will likely be viewed as just as essential as access to electricity and utilities.

Scalability, cost-efficiency, and consistency

Online education is also notable for its scalability, cost efficiency, and consistency. Students all study in different ways, and the fact that lectures are online means that students who need to, can watch lectures over again. It is also incredibly cost-effective for schools to offer a range of courses online, especially as the course can be offered to a high number of students at one time.


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