What’s the best residential ISP in San Francisco?

best residential ISP in San Francisco

The Bay Area is one of the most developed and technologically advanced metro areas in the US, enabling the best ISP in San Francisco.

Race, Xfinity, Sonic,Spectrum,and AT&T are the fastest speed internet in the Bay Area, the coverage in San Francisco and surrounding areas is remarkable including Dale City, Oakland, South San Francisco, San Mateo, and Berkeley.

Most of them provide internet speed higher than 100 Mbps, with Sonic and Suddenlink offering the most affordable prices. If you are living a little away from San Francisco, you have got Xfinity and AT&T providing the best services up to Sausalito and beyond.

We have enlisted below all the top ISP in San Francisco, CA. You can simply go to LocalCableDeals.com (website) – an all-inclusive display of cable, internet and phone service providers in the US – here you just have to enter your zip code in the zip code bar appearing on top, and it will get you the list of all the options in your area. If you find something useful, get in touch with the customer service department and they will help you. Furthermore, they have all the leading providers on their panel like Spectrum TV, Xfinity TV, and Mediacom TV just to mention a few – you can bundle up your services and get great discounts as well.

List of internet service providers in San Francisco, CA

ProviderDownload speeds up toTypeUser Rating
AT&T1000 MbpsDSL & Fiber2.5/5
SpectrumUp to 940 MbpsCable3.4/5
EarthLink1000 MbpsDSL & Fiber3.5/5
Etheric networks100 MbpsFiber & Fixed WirelessN/A
HughesNet25 MbpsSatellite2.0/5
Race Communications100 MbpsFiberN/A
Raw Bandwidth Telecom, Inc.40 MbpsDSL & Other Copper WirelineN/A
Sail Internet300 MbpsFiber & Fixed WirelessN/A
Sonic25 MbpsDSLN/A
Suddenlink Communications1000 MbpsCable2.5/5
Viasat25 MbpsSatellite1.5/5
Xfinity1000 MbpsCable3.0/5
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*serviceability of the providers, availabilityof packages, and speeds showed are not guaranteed and can bealtered.

Highest-rated internet providers in San Francisco

San Francisco ranks 15 tobring the most populous city in the US, a financial center, and a major tech hub – that greatly contributesto San Francisco resident’s great internet options. They can literally choose from two dozen internet providers depending upon their availability, price, reliability, and customer service – and of course to get something very close to what they are looking for.

2020 internet provider satisfaction survey ranks Xfinity, EarthLink, and AT&T as one of many top-rated providers. But this doesn’t include small internet companies who are rated better for their customer service and these companies include Race Communication, Raw Bandwidth, and Sonic. If you want fiber internet in San Francisco, you can get excellent fiber coverage there. Many internet companies provide very fast speed up to 1000 Mbps. The leading companies in it are EarthLink, Sail Internet, AT&T, Race Communication, and Etheric Networks.

If your internet speed requirement is 50-100 Mbps (which is enough speed to stream HD video on 3-5 devices). You have got more choices then. Xfinity comes at a high price but if you looking for a bit cheaper, you will find AT&T, Wave, or Suddenlink speed ranging from 100 Mbps or under.Sonic and Race are small companies and get to face availability issues, but they offer quality speed and customer service at a reasonable cost. If they offer services in your area, do check them out.

The bottomline is

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In this article, we have tried to give you an insight and almost everything you need to get the best residential ISP in San Francisco, CA. While having multiple options is a blessing, it can confuse and can also be overwhelming because all of them must be offering something awesome which can be irresistible. However, we would suggest you keep your focus on what you and the member of your house would like to have, check the prices if they are suitable for you, compare the services with other providers to get a better idea about what is being offered at what price. If you still have concerns, try to ask the previous customers online or check with your neighbor, they will be in a better position to guide you through their experiences with different providers. You can always check with the customer support of your desired providers and they will resolve all your concerns instantly.

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