Top 5 Thyroid Conditions Needing a Doctor’s Review

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The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland located in front of the neck just below the Adam’s apple. Although not visible to the naked eye, it is an important gland which regulates your physiological functions like metabolism. The optimal functioning of the thyroid is of utmost importance to regulate energy levels, weight and heart rate. An irregularity in the thyroid is indicative of an underlying problem.

There are some common thyroid problems which you should not turn a blind eye to. Your ENT specialist will help you with the right diagnosis. The ENT Clinic Singapore treats all forms of thyroid disorders in both adults and young. We will discuss 5 of the most common thyroid disorders a patient might experience:


This is when your thyroid gland is overactive secreting T4 and T3 enzymes above normal levels. There can be many reasons for this condition like a genetic link, excess iodine in diet, inflammation in the thyroid, tumours in the gland or the consumption of large amounts of tetraiodothyronine in dietary supplements. The common symptoms one would observe is frequent bowel motions, weight loss, restlessness, nausea and low tolerance to heat. During hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland can swell to form a goitre. In severe forms of hyperthyroidism there could be shortness of breath leading to congestive heart failure. This needs your doctor’s immediate attention. Your thyroid specialist will go through your medical history together with a physical examination to identify your condition. An enlarged thyroid is a sign of hyperthyroidism which the ENT physician would detect. The doctor might order some blood tests like thyroid stimulating hormone levels along with an ultrasound or CT scan to diagnose the condition. If your medical status does not improve with anti-thyroid medications, then the specialist may suggest a partial removal of your thyroid gland surgically.

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A sluggish thyroid slows down your metabolism. This is when your thyroid fails to produce sufficient hormones to keep an active heart beat and energy levels for daily functions. It is rather a silent disease which ends you up with fatigue and lethargy. Weight gain, excessive sleepiness, an enlarged tongue, hoarseness, poor concentration and an abnormal thyroid gland size are common signs. Women are at a higher risk of the disease and the probability increases with age. After your doctor diagnoses the condition, you might be prescribed hormone replacement pills.


This is when your thyroid gland is enlarged. It may be felt as a lump in the neck, but an enlarged gland may not always be visible. If you experience a tight feeling in your throat, hoarseness in voice, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, then it is time to consult an otolaryngologist. There may be many causes behind the goitre, either an over or underactive thyroid, inflammation in the gland due to infection, thyroid nodules or in rare instances even due to cancer. An experienced ENT surgeon will help with the right diagnosis. Through an ultrasound scan and a biopsy the doctor can confirm your condition. If conservative management through medications is not an option or effective, your doctor will suggest surgery.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer may go unnoticed in the initial stages. When the lump grows and you feel discomfort, hoarseness in voice, swollen lymph nodes and difficulty breathing. Some individuals might ignore this as general symptoms of a less dangerous condition, however you should see your ENT doctor immediately for an assessment to exclude thyroid cancer. A biopsy will help the doctor to identify the type of cancer and stage. Active surveillance, radiation therapy and surgery are options which the specialist doctor will decide.

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When there is an inflammation in the thyroid gland, it is referred to as thyroiditis. There may be several causes behind thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is when autoimmune antibodies attack the gland. Subacute thyroiditis occurs due to a viral infection. After delivery of a child one might have postpartum thyroiditis. Most cases of thyroiditis cannot be prevented and timely intervention is needed. The treatment for thyroiditis will depend on the type of thyroiditis and the symptoms you present with. Your ENT doctor will determine the course of treatment based on your thyroid hormone levels.

The ENT Clinic in Singapore has extensive experience treating patients with thyroid conditions. With state of the art facilities across two convenient locations, the practice facilitates treatments for all forms of throat conditions.

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