Winner for $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

$250000 influencer rock paper scissors tournament

Recently, the popular YouTuber MrBeast conducted $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. The rules of the tournament were simple, 32 players compete to win. However, a $250,000 reward that was up for grabs was actually a fundraiser for a charity. The winner did not get the money for himself but got to donate it to a charity. This was a fun activity with a noble cause, and all it involved was the game of rock, paper and scissors. The winner, however, did get a trophy and the money went to the World Health Organization for coronavirus relief.

All About the Tournament

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All the 32 players were popular influencers who tuned in from their home over a video call. Thus, it also advocated for social distancing which has become the new norm in the fight against coronavirus. Two contestants were pitched against each other at one time. MrBeast did a countdown from three to one. Then the contestants had to display their pick in front of their faces. The one who managed to beat all their opponents ended up winning the $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament.

Each round had three turns and whichever contestant won two out of three turns, proceeded to the next round. To further add to the fun, the contestant had the opportunity to talk about which option they might pick next. Of course, they were under no obligation to abide by it. This exercise was just to mess with the opponent’s head and make the game more exciting. The mind games kept the audience engaged at a deeper level.

Two analysts who jumped in from time to time with quirky comments and feedback on how the contestants were doing. The losing contestant was ‘blown up’ by projecting explosion animations in front of their face. The hosts even ripped up an image of the losing contestant to further drive home the fact that they had lost.


After every round, the popular influencers appealed to their fans to donate for the fundraiser. Each Influencer emphasized the importance of donating in their own way and appealed to the watchers to contribute. They also highlighted how even a small donation made a difference since it would al pile up to reach the $250,000 which was the target. Jack Black himself donated $10,000 to the cause and advised everyone to stay at home. They had raised $476,000 in the first few rounds of the tournament itself. By the time the semi-finals started, the donations had crossed 1 million dollars. The total earnings by the end of the stream were one million and forty thousand dollars.

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After two or three rounds, in the match between KSI vs Yes Theory, the hosts claimed that they had been hacked. The hackers froze the system. Hence the countdown for the next round was not coming up in the match between KSI and Yes Theory. The contestants, however, improvised and finished the round by keeping their choice under the screen and revealing it suddenly. Yes, Theory ended up winning that round. It took them 30 mins to get the system back up and move to the next round.

The Knockout

32 contestants got reduced to 16 in the second stage. Then they got reduced to 8 in the second stage, 4 in the third stage. The last two progressed to the finals. One of Rosanna Pansino’s signature cakes was smashed into an analyst’s face because she ended up getting knocked out of the second round. Casey, Matt Stone, Nadeshot and Preston made it to the top four. Jack Black dropped in during this round to say a friendly ‘Hi’ to the audience as well.

Casey then beat Matt Stone to proceed to the finals. This is when the analysts reported that statistically speaking paper was used the most throughout the game. On the other end, the match between Nadeshot and Preston was joined by Jack Black. Jack Black had been defeated by Nadeshot and now he was rooting for Nadeshot to win. This was just so he could feel better about losing to the one who won the whole game. Nadeshot ended up winning that round and made it to the finals.

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The Winner

The final match was between Casey and Nadeshot. Nadeshot aced this round 2-0 and ended up winning the whole tournament. So finally, Nadeshot won the $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. Nadeshot committed the $250,000 to the CDC Foundation in order to combat Coronavirus and help develop a cure for it.

Check out the entire video here:


The current Coronavirus pandemic has hit us all hard. Lives have been uprooted, jobs have been lost and a lot of people are now staring at a bleak future. The pandemic has ravaged through countries and continents alike, leaving death and destruction in its path. Countries and states have gone into complete lockdown in order to try and flatted the curve of infection. While a lot of people sit at home or work from home, they do have more free time on their hands. Thus, a campaign like this where one can tune in from the comfort of their homes is something ingenious and effective.

This campaign brought together the sway that these influencers hold over the general public and channeled it towards a good cause. In the end, the $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament did help in the fight against the Coronavirus. The funds donated will be used to bolster our defenses against the onslaught of the Coronavirus.

Final Thoughts

The $250000 Influencer Rock Paper Scissors Tournament was an entertaining way to support the people fighting Coronavirus on the frontlines. It entertained the audience and made a difference to the world. We are all a part of the current pandemic situation and we need to fight it together to come out on top. While all of us cannot contribute directly, indirect contributions like these go a long way. If people come together at the right time to contribute as they did during this challenge, this Coronavirus pandemic might soon be history.

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