Kidney Stone Symptoms – How to Prevent or Treat Immediately?

Kidney stone symptoms

If you are suffering from severe pain in back or face difficulties at the time of urinating, then it the high time that you may consult your physician. Severe back pain or any type of pain during urination are some of the major kidney stone symptoms. Well, we are aware of the fact that the kidney plays a vast role in maintaining a balance between filtering different essential minerals from blood and fluid present in our body. Hence, it is one of the important organs that help to keep our health well. We often find that most of the young people of our generation have developed stones in their kidneys. The chances of generating stone in kidneys are more in men than women. It is due to the lack of water present in the body or consumption of excess protein and calcium may lead to this disease.

Kidney stone symptoms

Here are some major symptoms that help you to detect the presence on different stones in the kidney:

Severe pain in the lower back

Prolonged pain in the lower back is the first kidney stone symptom that one may face. This type of pain often makes you feel terrible because it generates intense pressure on both kidney and urinary tract. One may feel this as waves pass throughout their body. It lasts for less than a minute and comes back again. According to research, kidney stones usually blocks the urinary pipe and disrupt the natural flow of the waste material from the body.

Presence of blood in Urine

Another early symptom of kidney stones is the flow of blood during urination.  If you observe that fact of the frequent flow of blood at the time of urinating, without any reason, then you should visit a doctor.

Pain during urination

You may feel serious difficulties or pain at the time of urinating. This is the most common kidney stone symptoms that one may face. This pain is caused by the serious blockage created by different stones present in the urinary tract. The pressure created by the toxic fluid in the urinary tract leads to generate signals to different nerves present in the brain and cause serious trouble.

 Urinating frequently

People who have stones in their kidneys use to feel the urgency of urinating in a frequent manner. This is the sign that small stones are passing through the lower portion and tend to get out of the body.


Vomiting frequently without any obvious reason can be the major kidney stone symptom. It is the way that your body responds to some difficulties in your excretory system.  Nausea is another sign that indicates the presence of stone in the kidney or the pain that you may feel while having the same.

Bad smell while urinating

Besides having serious pain in your urinary tract, you may feel a strong odor while urinating.  Discharge of urine that contains a strong pungent smell may indicate the presence of stones in your kidney of some sort of infections in your urine pipe. This is the most common kidney stone symptom that one may face.

Causes behind the generation of Stones in Kidney

Before focusing on various treatments required for dissolving stones in the kidney, we need to gather some ideas about the major causes that develop stones in the kidney.  Here are some major reasons behind the formation of the same:

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Not having a proper amount of water

The most obvious reason for the generation of stones in the kidney is not drinking an adequate amount of water. If you are not consuming enough amount of water in a day, your body will dehydrate and disrupt the balance between absorbing essential minerals and vitamins and filtering the toxic materials present in the body. This is the major kidney stone cause that leads us to serious trouble.

Consumption of high protein and calcium contained foods

If you are consuming meat and eggs then you need to cut this item from your diet to balance the amount of protein and calcium required for leading an active life.  Excess consumption of protein and calcium may increase the possible chances of generating stones in the kidney. You need to follow a balanced diet to keep your health well.

Excess Body Weight

Obesity may also generate various possible kidney stones symptoms and affect your health badly.  In other words, people who have excess body mass index may suffer from different adverse effects of having stones in their kidneys. Lack of appropriate medication may form a hole in the kidney.

Diabetic Patient

If you are the carrier of diabetes or tend to generate the same may consider as prone to develop stones in their kidney. Diabetic patients usually posses’ excess sugar in their blood and this leads to the formation of crystals in their kidney. This formation of crystals will further give rise to major kidney stones symptoms.

Risk factors involved in the generation of stones in Kidney

Some risk factors may determine the formation of stones in the kidney or create some serious trouble that affects the life of any person badly:

Undergoing any surgery

Any person who has gone through any kind of major surgery like gastric bypass surgery may possess possible chances of developing stones in the kidney.

Having any medicines

If you are under the medical supervision of any doctor or have certain medicines may consider as the prone to face several kidney stone symptoms.

Suffering from digestive disorders

Are you suffering from chronic digestive disorders like diarrhea? then you may get affected by certain kidney stone symptoms. This disease may reduce the capability of any individual to filter different toxic materials from the body and thus results in the generation of stones in the kidney.

 Types of stones form in your kidney

It is important to know the type of stones present in the kidney of any person before availing any treatment to cure the same. Here are different types of stones that usually form in the kidney of any individual.

Calcium Stones

Crystals that made up of the concentration of calcium oxalate may lead to the generation of the most common form of stones present in the kidney of maximum people.  Excess consumption of different foods like sweet potato, nuts, chocolate, and certain fruits may raise the tendency of developing this stone.  One may generate this stone by the concentration of natural calcium oxalate produced by the liver.

Uric acid stones

People who live on a high protein diet may raise the possible chances of developing this type of stone. Another reason behind the formation of this type of stone is the lack of water intake or the excess loss of water from the body.  People who have the genetic tendency to form excess uric acid are also in the path of facing serious kidney stone symptoms.

Struvite Stones

The main reason behind the formation of Struvite stone is the tendency of getting affected by some infections in your urinary tract. Your body tends to provide several kidney stone symptoms while developing this kind of stone.

Cystine Stones

People who bear the kidney disorders in their blood or genes may develop cystine stones in their kidney.

Steps involved in detecting the presence of stones

There are different steps that any doctor usually undertake to detect the presence of stones in your kidney

1. Conducting a Blood Test

To detect or analyze the condition of your kidney and the type of stones you have, you may be asked to conduct a blood test. Based on the report or the result of your test, doctors will determine the ways to cure this problem.

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2. Examine Urine sample

To identify the presence of different stone producing minerals, your doctor will ask you to collect whole day urine samples for the period of consecutive two days. It will help them to determine the presence of different minerals that generate stones in your body.

3. Detailing of Tests reports

After ensuring the presence and the type of stones you have in your kidney, the time arrived to determine the number of stones present in the same. To detect the number of stones doctors will conduct different steps starting from an abdominal X-ray to Computerized tomography to ensure the exact number of stones present in your kidney.

4. Ensure the removal of the stones

This is the last step involved in different stages of passing a kidney stone. Doctors will conduct a diagnosis to detect the composition of different stones in the laboratory. All you need to do is to excrete or discharge your urine through a strainer to ensure the removal of the stone. This collected sample of your stone will critically examine in the laboratory and based on this report doctors will prescribe you different medicines.

Effective treatment to cure kidney stone disorder

Doctors often adopt different treatment based on the size, nature, and composition of different stones that you have in your kidney.  Here are some treatment methods that help you to get rid of this disease:


Lithotripsy is one of the best kidney stone removal ways adopted by any doctor to cure his patient.  In this method, a doctor will provide a wave of lithotripsy to break any big stones present in your kidney. After providing this wave bigger stones will break into smaller pieces and passes through your urinary tract.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

This is a critical way to remove stones from your body. In this process, doctors use to insert a tool to detect the location of your stone and perform surgery. Doctors use to make a small cut to remove tiny stones and use lasers to break the bigger ones.  After attaining the success over this surgery they will keep you under observation to look out for side effects.

Cystoscopy and ureteroscopy

Cystoscopy is the process to detect the exact location of your stone by inserting a cystoscope inside your urethra and bladder. On the contrary, in the case of Ureteroscopy, doctors use to insert ureteroscope to determine the image of ureters and kidneys. It will help them to find the exact location of your stone and determine the condition of your kidney. After the detection of the stone is over doctors will provide you anesthesia and break your stones through different laser treatments.

All the above –mentioned kidney stone treatments will help you to get rid of all your problems and miseries.

Food needs to consume while having stones in the kidney

Here are some tips that one needs to follow in forming a kidney stone diet.

 Eat Vitamin D and Calcium

You have kidney stones, you need to consume yogurt, milk and other calcium-containing foods. Besides this, you need to have foods that are rich in Vitamin D. They will help to prevent the concentration of calcium oxalate present in your body.

Drink juices that contain Citric acids

If you have stones in the kidney you need to add different citrus juice to your diet chart. Lemon and grape juices are best options for this. This will help you to prevent the accumulation of naturally occurring citrate present in your body.

Avoid junk foods

To maintain a proper digestive system you need to skip different fast foods from your food habit. This will help you to generate proper metabolism in your body as well as helps to lead a healthy life.

Avoid sugar contained drinks

To prevent the formation of crystals or stones in your body, you need to avoid different sugar contained drinks. This will help to reduce the intake of phosphate and other harmful chemicals present in this type of drink.

Drink an Adequate Amount of Water

To make your body free from toxic substances, you need to drink more than 8 cups of water daily. This will help you to remove different toxic minerals through urine and reduce the formation of stones in your kidney. Thus, to protect your health from kidney stones, you need to prevent the condition by changing your lifestyle.

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