January 11, 2018

Google Inc (GOOG) looks to have acquired UK startup Redux

On Wednesday night, a report revealed on Bloomberg quietly that Google acquisition of “Redux” could have major implications down the road. Google Inc (GOOG) is now the proud owner of Cambridge-based startup Redux. The startup is developing technology, and it will be able to turn certain surfaces into speakers.


Redux has demoed its technology on smartphone and tablet displays, in the past, and that very well may be Google Inc (GOOG)’s core intended use for this exciting technology.

According to Redux’s LinkedIn page, Google Inc (GOOG) could also improve its smartphones’ haptic feedback, though the company could also license out Redux’s technology and gain some revenue, the company has 178 granted patents and over 50 pending patent applications. Before the acquisition, Redux focused not only on the mobile market, but also on the computing, automotive, and industrial markets, so its technology seems flexible enough to be used in several fields.

When Apple Inc. (AAPL) ditched the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone, and it said the reason was “courage”? that wasn’t the reason, the actual reason was simple: in the ongoing fight to make thinner smartphones that pack in more and more tech, space is at a premium. Occupying some of that space with a legacy port that serves only one purpose is inefficient, especially when that purpose is audio playback, which can be accommodated by the Lightning port and by Bluetooth.

As for what Google could do with Redux, the search giant may build smartphones that eschew speakers. That would surely help with any bezel-less ambitions Google might have with the Pixel line, seeing how the Pixel 2 XL trends in that direction, though the phone features two front-facing speakers.

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